12 Dingel's Oven DINGELS Salted Caramel, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Shortbreads

$ 15.00

Buttery, crunchy shortbreads double-glazed with soft, chewy, salted caramel, topped with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate – stacked-up taste, home-baked flavor!

THEY'RE NEW! and... FLAT RATE, anywhere we ship: $10.00 SHIPPING.  Each cookie is 2.25" inches diameter and come 12 to a box.

Always made to order, always fresh on arrival.

SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY via FedEx Express: 2-3 Day (delicious freshness is our priority)

The cookies are strictly handmade-to-order. We only ship product in the a.m.: Monday through Thursday, otherwise the fresh cookies sit in a mail facility over the weekend (and that does not promote freshness of product).

Whether it’s a personal or corporate gift, or your special way of saying “thanks”, our complimentary heavy weight inclusion card featuring your 4 color logo, or personal message, accompany each order – right on top of the box. 
Simply email us your company logo as a jpg file or your personal message.

CONTACT US:  ego@sonic.net

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