15 Dingel's Oven GONE GOOBER Jacobsen® Sea-Salted Caramel, Guittard® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies

$ 16.95

Buttery, crunchy organic peanut butter shortbread cookies double-glazed with soft, chewy, Jacobsen® sea salted caramel, finished with a Guittard® semi-sweet gourmet chocolate ganache – stacked-up taste, home-baked flavor! Luxurious Indulgence... rich, delicious, high-end. Wall Street Journal Food loved our shortbreads!

Each cookie is 2.25" inches diameter and come 15 to a box. SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY via FedEx Express: 2-3 Day (delicious freshness is our priority)

Always made to order, always fresh on arrival.

Place your order any day of the week, however, WE ONLY SHIP MON, TUES, WED, THURS OF EACH WEEK TO ENSURE THE COOKIES ARE MAXIMUM FRESH ON ARRIVAL! SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY via FedEx Express: 2-3 Day (delicious freshness is our priority) 

The cookies are strictly handmade-to-order. We only ship product in the a.m.: Monday through Thursday, otherwise the fresh cookies sit in a FedEx facility over the weekend (and that does not promote freshness of product).

Whether it’s a personal or corporate gift, or your special way of saying “thanks”, our complimentary heavy weight inclusion card featuring your 4 color logo, or personal message, accompany each order – right on top of the box. 
Simply email us your company logo as a jpg file or your personal message.

CONTACT US:  ego@sonic.net

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