About Us

We met over chocolate cake…
Uta worked in a bakery and I was her worst customer. Fortunately for me, she liked me, and that led, very often, to “complimentary” chocolate cake. “You meet the best girls in bakeries.” My parents met in a candy shop. Mom let Dad snitch caramels from the case – they stuck together. Among her many talents, Uta is a naturally gifted cook. She often creates something completely unique and delicious without any guiding recipe. Any talent Ego has for baking is strictly by osmosis, for he simply loves gingerbread and cookies, and has spent his life consuming both.

A box of Uta’s gingerbread tiles are what we give our friends at Christmastime. We go from home to home, bringing our family friends the gift of fresh-from-the-oven, warm, gingerbread tiles. These are often consumed before we get around to leaving. Requests for the gingerbread tiles continue well beyond the Holiday season, so we thought: “why not create a tile design appropriate for any occasion?”, hence an engraved monogram of choice in every tile – a fun, personal expression for any occasion. Adapting Uta’s rich, scrumptious recipe for shortbreads to the tile format followed.

Since we’re often still up baking, it doesn’t exactly qualify as a midnight snack, but for us, we always make time to get cozy over a cappuccino and tile. It’s the sweet, small pleasures in life…

We live and work in Beaverton, Oregon. Our daughter Nash lives in NYC.

Uta and Ego